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alva Metrics is a media analysis and evaluation solution covering all media sources – traditional, online, social, broadcast.

Measure the effectiveness of your communication and compare against your peer group across owned, earned and shared media.


Communications quantified

“What’s our SoV on this issue?” “How much content did we generate?” “What’s the sentiment we achieved with our key media?” alva Metrics allows communicators to quickly and effectively analyse the effectiveness of their work, while also surfacing opportunities to enhance their impact.


From the micro to the macro

Our media analysis can range from the global, multi-language, multi-region, multi-source perspective to the very targeted measurement of the pick-up of key messages in specific target media outlets or regions.


Measure your impact

alva Metrics empowers communicators to demonstrate the value of their work to the rest of the business using robust, accurate and intuitive measurement, suitable for sharing across the business and at executive presentations.


Next Generation metrics

Alongside traditional metrics such as share of voice and volume, alva Metrics clients benefit from cutting edge sentiment analytics as well as proprietary measures including engaged audience which calculates the number of people to have read and retained key messages and other company positioning.

More from Metrics


Campaign, issue and event analysis

On top of our regular monthly Metrics reports, alva clients can access event specific reporting, be that around how successful a new campaign has been or whether a negative event has been successfully mitigated.

Link to your communications objectives

alva Metrics measures the direct results of the communications team’s efforts against their intended objectives. These objectives may be to position the company in a certain way, gain greater visibility in key titles or to increase positive perceptions towards the business.


We believe in fixed, predictable pricing for our clients, not volume-based variable fees which see clients penalised for generating coverage or limiting the scope of their media monitoring.

Trusted by the Global 2000.

Many of the world’s leading businesses trust us to help them ask better questions and act on the right answers.

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