Fair & safe social-chat requires NO registration


Unique features bring you a whole new experience!

Total Security

AlvaChat's unique encrypted data transmission mechanism makes the data uninterruptible and tamper-proof.

No Registration

World's 1st social App that does NOT register any user's identifiable personal information such as phone number, ID number, email, etc.

True Anonymity

Since there is NO registration requirement for users, a genuine and true anonymity is accomplished.


All data and contents on AlvaChat is secured by tamper-proof blockchain, nobody/nothing can intercept, altered or deleted your opinion. AlvaChat shuts off censorship for good.

Ephemeral Chat

The messages are ephemeral, and automatically self-destructive after 72 hours. AlvaChat is the SAFEST social-chat tool for social and business conversation.


Multiple e-commerce enabling modules including fiat and crypto payment, influencer storefront, customer service chatbot, etc. are embedded for online or offline business.


AlvaChat is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

Freedom of Expression
nobody/nothing can censor your voice
Confidential Business
protect confidential information
Customer Service
secured hassle-free option for businesses
Online Dating
keep online predators away
Social Discovery
get to know strangers safely
Prevent Online-Bullying
digital 2nd Amd. tool for 1st Amd. right


Our proprietary technologies enabling endless possibilities.

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